– ANZ Travel Adventures Credit Card – ANZ Travel Card is the name of the corporate. The company conducts surveys for its clients and after completing the survey they will be allowed to enter into the sweeptakes and win reward points upto 40,000. – ANZ Travel Adventures Credit Card

Every traveler would enjoy the benefits of the ANZ travel credit card, which is offered by the ANZ bank, at any given time. Australian and New Zealand citizens, as well as anybody with a working, investor, or business visa that is valid for more than nine months, are eligible for the ANZ Travel Credit Card.

The three credit card categories offered by the bank are the ANZ Platinum, Black, and Travel Adventures cards. Despite certain limitations, these cards offer free travel and shopping protection.

How to take ANZ Travel Card survey?

It just takes approximately five minutes to complete the straightforward ANZ travel card application. You must, however, fulfill the prerequisites in order to be eligible for the card. Visit the official website of the ANZ bank and select the credit card option. Visit to apply for any credit card type right now.

Although the minimum age is 18, you must be an Australian or New Zealand citizen, and if you are a foreign national, your visa must be valid for at least eight months.

There are four phases in the application process, and each one must be sufficient. Provide all your personal details as required .  You must also include details on the duration of your residence at each location.

You’ll be questioned about your Australian driver’s license as well as your tax information. Once you’ve completed the first step, click Continue to move on to the second page, where you’ll be asked for financial details.

You must provide information on your income, possessions, outlays, and liabilities in addition to two most recent paystubs for income verification. You will be given options for choosing a card based on your credit score in the third stage. Within five business days, you will receive your card.

Benefits and Rewards

The ANZ rewards travel experience cards generously reward cardholders, as the name indicates. From extra rewards points to free foreign purchases, the card has a lot to offer its users. The biggest benefits are offered by this card, which is designed for travelers. Customers receive 40,000 extra rewards points after spending $1000 on eligible purchases during the first 90 days of opening their accounts.


  • All new account holders should be at least 18 years old.
  • All participants should have deposited a minimum of 20,000 rupees.
  • If you are too young, your account will be created as a micro, thus you must be an adult.
  • Customers who are not US citizens are not permitted to make deposits.
  • This card must be supplied without charge, and there are no annual or renewal costs. However, if you lose your card, you must pay 100 rupees for a replacement, and if you need a card abroad in an emergency, you must pay 150 rupees.

About ANZ Travel Cards

Make sure you read the information that arrived with your credit or debit card before activating it.

Before activating your new credit card, thoroughly read your Letter of Offer since you are agreeing to the terms and restrictions by doing so. If you are the primary cardholder and you have not received a Letter of Offer, kindly contact us.

If you’re a secondary cardholder, you won’t be able to start using your card until the primary cardholder of your account has done so. Just so you know, if you obtain new cards, your PIN won’t change, and if you have an ANZ PAYCARD or an ANZ Rewards pay card, your new PIN will arrive within 5-7 working days.


Existing users of the ANZ Travel Card should continue to hold onto their cards for the time being even if new customers may no longer purchase them. A little higher exchange rate on currency conversions, which ultimately saves you more money, is what you give up by not earning rewards points.

For more queries comment below in the comment box. FAQ’s

  • How can I find out how much money is on my ANZ Travel Card?

Answer – The quickest and most convenient method to check your balance is to go to, where you can also modify your PIN. For information, you may also call ANZ on the phone.

  • My ANZ card will it work in Australia?

Answer – Yes, if you like, you may use the ANZ Travel Card inside of Australia. It should be noted that if your wallet for Australian dollars is empty, money will be taken from other wallets.

  • Can you make purchases online with the ANZ Travel Card?

Answer – Yes, you may use the ANZ Travel Card online. Use the card information when checking out.

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