– Activate Your New Solepay Card Online – The name of the corporate is Sole Paycard. The company conducts a feedback survey for its customers, after completing that survey the participants can get the discount of 20%. – Activate Your New Solepay Card Online

You have two options for activating your card after finishing the steps. On, consumers may activate their sole pay cards online. They can also activate their cards over the phone.

The single pay card has a number of benefits available to cardholders. The single pay card must be activated as soon as feasible.

Employee payment cards are made available by Axiom Bank via SOLE Financial Services under the name SOLE Visa Payroll Card.

Many US-based organizations use this card to pay their employees’ monthly wages, raises, or investments to their salary account instead of a paper check.

How to Take a Sole Paycard survey?

The Sole card must be activated when it has been received. The choices below are the best and simplest ways to activate your Sole Pay Card.

After entering the required information, including the card number, card code, and expiration date, click the continue button.

Your single pay card should be authorized in a couple of hours if you complete all the procedures. Activation Of A Sole Pay Over The Phone Number. Before moving on, pick the most relevant phrase. Comply with your teacher’s instructions.

 It does so after accepting the terms and conditions set out by the teacher.

Benefits and Rewards

You must first activate the card if you recently obtained one from your company. And after you’ve activated it, you’ll have access to a number of benefits, including the quick execution of cashless transactions anywhere in the world. If you use this card, you will also receive discounts, cashback, and other wonderful incentives on your transactions.

In an easy-to-understand manner, we’ll go over all you need to know about SOLE payroll cards, including activation methods, specifications, and additional benefits.

Start reading this article now to safely activate your card without wasting any time. Cashless transactions may be carried out using certain cards.

You may pay your bills online and check the amount of your Singular Pay account using the mobile app. The client has the choice to take advantage of cashless transactions, internet buying, and payment incentives.

When you place an order at a restaurant, you can receive a 20% discount.


  • Always have your Sole Pay card on hand.
  • You’ll need a registered phone number and email address to sign up for Sole Pay services.
  • Before applying, please read the entire process.
  • As mentioned before, all rules must be properly followed.
  • It would be beneficial if you had access to laptops, cellphones, and a dependable internet connection.
  • Additionally, a driver’s license is required.
  • Card initiation requires a single play card.
  • Both the specifics of the card and your personal information must be known.
  • User names and passwords must be kept in mind.
  • These are a few of the rules and restrictions that pertain to this process.

About Sole Paycards

One of the most well-known and quickly growing companies. This company employs more than 152000 people, all of whom have sterling moral integrity, throughout 516 outlets.

If you have a Sole Pay Card (Sole Visa Payroll Card) from your employer and wish to activate it, this article will surely be helpful.

There are two ways to activate a Sole Pay Card, as seen below. You are free to use anyone at any time that suits your needs.


We’ve provided two methods for activating Sole’s credit card. On the company’s official website,, you may activate the Sole pay card online. You may immediately activate your card and begin taking advantage of the benefits.

In this essay, we’ve made an effort to cover every important component of the SOLE Visa Payroll Card and its activation procedures. FAQ’s

  • Can I put more money on my single pay card?

Answer You may add money to your SOLE Paycard via Visa ReadyLink. Instead than going outside to a cashing establishment to collect money,

  • Are debit and credit cards the same thing?

Answer – The cards are distributed by employers to their employees, who use them to deposit paychecks rather than writing cheques or using direct deposit.

  • What is the purpose of a Fintwist card?

Answer A Mastercard payroll card that lets you cash checks is called Fintwist. With this card, neither a bank account nor a credit check are necessary. It is secure and easy to use, and you don’t need to bring any cash with you.

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